Preparations before traveling to Dubai

Preparations before traveling to Dubai

Most of us are eager to pack our belongings and travel to our destination. In this article, we will learn and understand the things we need to know about the country of Dubai. Here are eight suggestions you need to make before and during a visit to the country.

Best date to travel - October to April

Hot is the only season in Dubai. During October to April, it brings sunny skies and ideal beach weather to the city. It’s also the rainy season, but rain showers usually don’t linger long, so don’t let that hamper your vacation plans.

Check flights at least six months prior to travel date

Six months before the flight, international airlines usually issue their lowest seats. This does not imply that you must purchase your tickets in advance, but it is a good idea to begin looking and comparing rates as soon as possible. At the very least, one month in advance, look for a travel agency to assist you.

Look and book your hotel a month before departure

Because Dubai is becoming such a popular vacation destination, and because the months of October to April are the busiest for visitors, you’ll want to make sure you have a relaxing accommodation before you arrive. Make your Dubai hotel reservation two to three months in advance to ensure this.

Respect the culture

Respect the Muslims and their fasting practice if you visit during the holy month of Ramadan, which falls in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. You are not permitted to drink and eat in front of them in between sunrise and sunset.

Dress appropriately

Muslims cultures are conservative type when it comes to clothes. Women’s attire that is overly short, tight, or transparent is deemed indecent, whereas men should never go out without a shirt on. Dress appropriately to prevent unwanted attention.

Seek an approval before photo shoot

Unless you’re capturing a picturesque shot in a popular tourist destination, never take a picture of or with a stranger without their permission. However, you should never photograph a Muslim woman without her consent, and you should avoid photographing government buildings, airports, and military facilities.

Do not give your address to the taxi driver

Taxis are a terrific way to move around the city because there are so many of them and they are a relatively inexpensive means of transportation. Nonetheless, do not expect that all drivers know everything.  They may not always know the city as well as you believe they should, so provide them with references to major local landmarks to ensure you get to where you want to go.

Be mindful where you drink alcohol

In Dubai, alcohol is permitted; nevertheless, you cannot drink in public because public intoxication and drinking and driving are both forbidden. You can’t buy alcohol for personal consumption without a permission, and you have to get it from a licensed facility. It’s fine to buy beverages in a pub or restaurant; just don’t try to depart drunk.

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