How to move around Greece

How to move around Greece

The mode of transportation and the means of getting around in Greece are determined by the location you are visiting. In general, public transportation is provided in major cities, while buses, trains, and airlines connect long-distance travel destinations on the mainland. Many islands have airplane links to the mainland, although boat connections are significantly more popular. Buses are available for local transit on the larger islands.

Domestic flights

When visiting different locations of Greece, many international travelers find that flying is the best alternative. Although flights are more expensive than ferries, buses, or trains, they are the best option if you want to travel in the shortest amount of time and there is an airport nearby.

Although most of the airports in Greece and the islands only service domestic flights, there are a few of them. This means you’ll need to take a connecting flight from Athens to your final destination.


Different means for getting to the islands may be available, but the most popular is by ferry. All of the islands are connected to at least one mainland port, and ferries are less expensive than flights. Many islands, particularly in the Cyclades, are connected by ferry, making island hopping a popular summer vacation option.


In terms of mainland transit, KTEL buses are the most popular mode of transport between cities, towns, and villages. KTEL buses run on practically all of the major islands and are regarded as a safe and reliable method of transportation, particularly during the summer months. The KTEL bus network in Greece is fairly extensive, allowing you to travel to far-flung locations, including some that are slightly secluded, or to travel locally, as in the case of the islands.


Trains, in addition to buses, run in the northern portion of Greece, connecting Athens and Thessaloniki. They are, however, not particularly well-known for travel and tours, and the railroad network is fairly old.


On the mainland, taxis are not a good option for long-distance travel because they can be highly expensive. As a result, they are only utilized in emergency situations. On the other side, cabs are more commonly employed on the islands, particularly when buses are not available.

Car rentals

A car rental is a considerably superior alternative than taxis, and with special arrangements made with the agency, you will be able to use the car to visit out-of-town destinations with ease.

The most significant benefit of automobile rentals is their flexibility, as they allow you to travel as much as you want without having to rely on transportation. No matter if you’re touring the islands or the mainland, renting a car is highly suggested.

Private transfer

Private vehicle or minivan transfers are available both on the mainland and on the islands, and can be scheduled ahead of time. They are far more dependable than taxis and are typically utilized for short distance travel experience, such as to and from your hotel, port, or airport. Private tours to ancient sites and cities such as Epidaurus, Olympia, Nafplion, Delphi, and others are very popular with minivan transfers on the mainland.