5 Travel Tips to Make Traveling More Enjoyable

5 Travel tips to make traveling more enjoyable

We know for some people they get stressed out, anxious, or grumpy when it comes to traveling. The last thing we want is for you to be in a bad mood when you land on the beautiful island of Jamaica! To help avoid this from happening we are sharing our top five tips to make your travels go a lot smoother and make traveling more enjoyable. We want to keep all the positive vibes for you and every little thing helps, right?

Have your passport ready to go and prepared if something goes wrong.

Your passport needs to be current and valid six months prior to the expiration date. Make a copy of your passport in case it gets lost. This will help you get a replacement easier with a copy ready in hand. Carry it with you. Print out the address and phone number of the American Embassy. Be sure to carry this information with you at all times along with your passport copy.

Hit the ATM for some cash before you go.

In Jamaica, they do accept U.S. dollars in certain areas. However, if you are going to a more local area away from all the touristy things it would be best to exchange some money and have it handy. Some places won’t accept credit cards so it will be easier to pay everything with cash and it will help you avoid extra banking fees. 

Get in touch with your credit card company.

Set up fraud alerts for your credit cards. Let your credit card companies know you are traveling. Share with them the important details about your trip such as where you are going and the dates too. This will help you avoid frozen credit card accounts.

Get comfy to enjoy your flight more.

Bring a pair of earplugs, a neck pillow, melatonin, download some movies from Netflix, your headphones, an ample amount of music, and an eye mask. Try to take a nap if you can sleep on planes, so when you get to Jamaica, you are feeling rested and ready for an adventure. 

Stay hydrated and eat throughout your flight.

Drink enough water throughout your flight so you don’t get a dehydrated headache or feel light­ headed. Pack some healthy snacks such as nuts, protein bars, and fruit in your carry-on bag. This will help you avoid from having low blood sugar, a headache or being grumpy. Eat a good meal before your flight too or purchase an in-flight meal. 

Give these tips a try on your upcoming trip to Jamaica. We promise things will make your traveling experience more enjoyable.

Do you know of any other tips that can make traveling more enjoyable? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!