Oh là là! Should be your first expression when you arrive in Paris and see how beautiful the French capital is. It is a fascinating city, with a  huge list of activities from art, history, or food in Paris. Such as the famous viewpoints; the Eiffel Tower or the Sacred Heart Basilica on Montmartre hill. Or the treasure of city, the Louvre museum which holds amazing historic art as the Mona Lisa or the Egyptian mummy.

A stay in this city is not the same without a taste of Paris. You could do Paris food travel including a food tour, have a dinner in one delicious Paris restaurant, do a cheese tasting, visit any Paris food market, or maybe be chef for a day in a cooking class.

A Paris food travel offers thousands of options to do this by yourself or with a food tour guide. Let TravelHolcis prepare your unforgettable bespoke trip to Paris.